3 Going On 13

Toddler Growing Up Too Fast by 2GroovyMoms.comShe’s 3 going on 13!

Since my little one was able to sit up by herself we have been reading, singing, learning, talking about any and everything.  Now at three years old, she no longer wants me to read; she wants to do it herself or not at all.

If I try singing nursery rhymes she says, “No mommy, stop” and when I pick her up from school she tells me within the first 5 minutes how her day was but if I try to ask for details she says, “I’m busy.”

Is this just a phase? I hope this is not trending for our mother-daughter relationship from this point on.


  1. Xiomara @ Parkesdale says:

    It’s just a phase. She needs you more than she’d like to show you right now. Just enjoy it. She’s experiencing freedom and learning new things. Trust me, I have two little girls and they go back and forth between needing me for everything and brushing me off. I think its a good thing to have them show a little bit of independence.

    • SummersGroovyMom says:

      Thank you for your comment. I agree that it is a good thing for them to show a little independence, sometimes it’s just hard to see my baby growing so fast. I miss her needing mommy for every little thing. (sometimes)

  2. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I have three kids-4,1, and 7. I swear they all seems to act way older than their actual ages these days. Even my 22 month old wants to do everything himself! I miss my little cuddly infants!

  3. Angela says:

    I think it’s great that she is displaying so much independence. But for us moms, they grow up much too quickly.

  4. Jaime says:

    My son won’t let anyone other than me sing to him. And he insists on reading/sounding the letters/counting letters in each book we read. Bed time lasts well over an hour. (And he’s 2.5.)

  5. kim says:

    That’s what my husband and I say too!! Ours is 4 and I promise he grows weekly – in mind and body. Keep on reading to her…it will come back. Don’t give up on reading…my son stopped for a while (not liking it) and now he reads those books to us!!

  6. Kenda Smith says:

    My 4 year old is going through the same thing. Doing his own stuff, not wanting to sit and chit chat. It’s sad, but it will pass. (I keep telling myself that anyway lol)

  7. Debbie L. says:

    When I read your post I smiled….my daughter was the same way. 13 at 3 ….want till she is 13! She will think she is 20! Good news is my daughter is a wonderful intelligent self minded women that does what is right in her heart! She is a excellent SAHM with three like minded children. Oh I forgot…we are bestest of friends now!

    • SummersGroovyMom says:

      Debbie, I smiled when I read your comment as well. I am glad to hear there is hope for us I would love for my daughter and I to be best friends one day. Your daughter sounds beautiful, you are blessed and I am sure proud. Thank you for your comment.

  8. Joanna Sormunen says:

    I totally get you! It is a phase but at the same time it’s the start of her independance. She’ll be deciding what to share with you and when, little by little getting more and more independant. But she won’t need to show her independance as strongly after a while, until she really turns 13.

  9. Old school Miss Wilkie says:

    I am old school so I would have corrected the child and let the the child know that they should not say ““Stop talking” or “stop asking me” to mommy. As for saying “I am busy so I can not talk” I would have responded with “What are you busy doing?”. I would have continued talking/ responding to what the child said with another question.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and found the information interesting. I have forwarded the blog address to others. Continue to be “Groovy moms that encourage the child to talk more”.

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