A Secret to Indoor Fun

Puzzles are one of my toddler’s favorite indoor activities.  It’s interesting to watch my 2-year-old go through frustration and success as she puts puzzles together.  Sometimes she’ll throw the pieces and want to stop and other times she’s so engrossed that she doesn’t want to do anything else.

A Secret to Indoor Fun by 2GroovyMoms.comHere are some of our favorite puzzles that not only teach problem-solving, but also reading, math, and foreign language. (These are affiliate links)

1. Los Oficios de Elmo: Toddlers learn Spanish with this set of puzzle books from Sesame Street.

2. 3D Word Puzzles from Infantino: Teaches spelling and great for solitary play since it’s self-correcting.

3. Match It Mathematics: Another self-correcting set that’s great for learning math.

4. Melissa & Doug Puzzles: With this most popular puzzle maker, go for the ones that teach skills such as locks and latches or tying and zipping.

5. Puzzles from your local dollar store: You can stock up on rainy day fun at the dollar store with puzzles ranging from the big, chunky 10-piece to the smaller, more intricate 50-piece puzzles for older kids.

Puzzles are a good alternative to screen time when you want to keep them busy while you’re busy.  What are your favorites?  How else do you keep your littles out of your hair while you are working around the house?

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