Notes from a Recovering Judgmental Mom

I find it hilarious how before I became a mom I was super critical and judgmental of other mothers. I am not ashamed to admit this, although I feel as though I should be. Heck I know I am not the only one who used to look at how people parent and comment on what should have been done differently.  Let me just jot down a few things that I used to say about “unfit mothers”:

Notes From A Recovering Judgmental Mom |

How could she let her child walk out of the house in that outfit?! It’s 94 degrees and she has on jeans and boots!

Well as most of you parents have experienced more times than not, once your child hits around 2  years old sometimes you have to choose your battles. When it comes to clothes and shoes they want to wear what they like or it’s a fight.  My daughter insists on never wearing shorts or skirts because she doesn’t want to scrape her knees and always wearing a jacket so she does not get cold. Here it is almost 90 degrees outside and she has on pants and a jacket.

Look at that child’s hair all over her head, but the mother’s hair doesn’t have a strand out of place!

This is so funny now because this one irked me the most (when I was an inconsiderate judgmental @ss).   I never took the time to realize that the mom probably combed the little girl’s hair and it was really cute, but from the time the child was strapped into the car seat to the 10 minutes it took to get to the final stop, out of pure boredom, the little girl decided to take all of her bows out and rearrange her own hair.

OMG! Just because you have kids doesn’t mean your house should be  a mess!

Ok, let’s talk about how I trashed these people (sorry, by the way).  Now I really get it.  The More I Clean The More She Destroys is the game in my house. And she destroys while singing the clean up song!   When the house is clean and things are neatly put away, it is way more enticing. Do you know how many games my daughter comes up with when the house is clean? And let’s not mention my husband’s things that he thinks I don’t notice because my daughter’s mess is bigger.

Really, do you not see that those pants are clearly too small or do you just not care?

So again I am just terrible I know.  When I didn’t have children, I didn’t realize that kids’ pants might have fit perfectly just last week.  But when you’re a busy mom you really may not notice that pants no longer fit and show all of your child’s bottom. I am still a stickler for this but it has happened to my poor baby girl twice!

Are you really blaming your kid for not working out?!

I used to work out at least 3 times a week.  But now if I get one solid workout in a week I am doing great. When Summer was a baby it was much easier because I could put her in the stroller. Now that she is older I try to incorporate her into my workouts since I can no longer get to a gym. We bike ride together, walk, do crunches, yoga, we do it all — but it’s never a good hardcore workout. Needless to say I have gained a few.


We have already discovered I am not the perfect wife or mother.  However, I do my best and I am sure every other mom out there does their best as well. And this slice of humble pie I’m having doesn’t taste half bad!  Which is why I am able to stand up and say, “I am Summer’s Mom and I was a judgmental A$$!”


    • SummersGroovyMom says:

      I totally agree my new thing is to tell new moms especially how great they are doing. It really helps to hear every now and then when you are really unsure a lot of times.

  1. Marta says:

    LOL. I do blame my kids for my inability to work out, but I also blame my commute, my job, and the fact that sitting down is so much more appealing. =) Its definitely true that its so easy to judge when you haven’t been through it yourself!

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