Kids & TV: My Non-Guilty Pleasure

I am definitely one of those parents who believes that every moment should be a teachable moment while having fun at the same time.  I do not believe television should be banned or my child should not watch television until she’s 15.  I have an awesome collection of DVDs and Netflix, which allows me to provide my daughter with interactive TV enjoyment at the same time. These DVDs really worked for me and my daughter!

This compilation of child-friendly learning DVDs allows me to have no worries about my daughter watching television and no guilt because she is learning.  So when I am not available to interact with my little one or she wants to watch television, these are just a few of our non-guilty pleasures. (These are affiliate links.)

Kids & TV Favorites by 2GroovyMoms.com1. Leap Frog Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park Adventure  which teaches your child recognition of each letter — capital and lowercase — while allowing them to enjoy an adventure at the amusement park.

2. Leap Frog The Letter Factory – This DVD reviews the alphabet while teaching each letter and its sound.

3. Leap Frog Math Adventures to the Moon – This fun interactive DVD helps with counting one to one objects if you have already begin working on that with your child. I love it and my daughter loves it!

If you allow your toddlers to watch TV, what are your favorites?


    • SummersGroovyMom says:

      Kay of course, you can never go wrong with Sesame Street. However I am not familiar with the Electric Company, I will look it up.

  1. sherlane says:

    Letting your kids watch educational materials can really help. One of my friend told me that while teaching her kid some stuff. She got a tissue paper core and told her daughter “look, this is a tube and we can use this as a telescope”. To her amazement her daughter answered “no mommy, that a cylinder”. Her daughter got the word cylinder from the child education video that they are watching.

  2. SummersGroovyMom says:

    Sherlane you are right! You don’t realize how much they are really learning from those DVDs until they start pushing that language back at you. Especially when it’s quality material. I love Leap Frog and so does Summer.

  3. Cyndi @ MrsWrightWrites says:

    My 4 year old loves Caliou. She’s always talking about finding a way to play together. Other than that, she watches anything to do with Gabrielle Douglas. Movie, documentary, you tube videos of performances…anything!

  4. Lucero @We Are Earthformed says:

    It’s the same for us in our household. As long as what they are watching or playing on the computer or TV or tablet is educational I don’t have a problem with it. Unless of course it’s 70 and sunny outside then they need to go outside and play :).

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