4 Fun Reading Activities for Preschoolers

Hi guys! It has been a while since I have shared some of the things my daughter and I have been working on. She has quickly outgrown the toddler stage so I have had to add new material to our learning and enrichment. Basically right now, I am aggressively focusing on reading activities for preschoolers. I have started doing some exciting new games with her using Rhythm & Rhyme and PAC Time (P-phonological awareness, A-alphabet knowledge, C-concepts of print).

Reading Activities for Preschoolers | 2groovymoms.com

Rhythm & Rhyme

First, let’s talk about rhythm & rhyme. For this, I use books and finger play. Goodnight Moon is one of our favorite rhyming books and our all-time favorite rhyming song is “Down by the Bay.” Our entire family gets involved when singing this song, taking turns filling in the last line with our favorite animal and rhyming word.

Lyrics of “Down by The Bay”

Down by the bay

where the watermelons grow

back to my home

I dare I not go

’cause if I do

my mother would say

have you ever seen

a moose kissing a goose

down by the bay

You repeat the song, replacing the underlined words with different rhymes such as a llama wearing pajamas, a cow with an eyebrow, a snake swim in a lake, etc.

PAC: Phonological Awareness

For phonological awareness, I will say a sentence such as “He runs fast.”  As you see in the photo below, my daughter then places a block in the pan for each word she says in the sentence. To mix it up, I will throw in a compound word to see if she will make it into two words with the blocks instead of one. This also helps with counting.  She enjoys this so much! She always asks, “Can we stick the words in the oven?”Reading Activities for Preschoolers | 2groovymoms.com

PAC: Alphabet Knowledge

For alphabet knowledge, we play Feed the Monster. She has to feed the monster pictures or letters related to the words I say. Below is a picture of her feeding the monster the first letter of her name. Reading Activities for Preschoolers | 2groovymoms.com

PAC: Concepts of Print

For concepts of print, when we read I point out the author, illustrator, title, spine, front and back cover prior to reading making her aware that those are important parts of the book.

Please share some of your favorite reading activities. Summer and I would love to try them.


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