Why I Love Braids For My Toddler

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Braids By www.2GroovyMoms.comI choose braids for my toddler’s hair care for several reasons, but being a working mom with minimal time to spare, low- maintenance is reason #1.

Braids are also considered a protective hairstyle for black hair because the less you do to black hair the more it grows or flourishes.  Caring for toddler hair can be somewhat cumbersome because by the time you comb and style their hair, get in the car, and get to your destination, their hair looks as though it has not been combed in a week. Not to mention, most kids despise getting their hair combed.

Toddlers love the floor, rolling, sliding, scooting across it, standing on their head, you name it — they will do it while unknowingly damaging hair that is pulled up into pony tails especially around the edges and rear.

Here are a few of the more simple styles I like to do with my daughter.  These cornrows are low-maintenance and last at least two weeks.  However, I am running out of ideas. What kinds of styles have you tried for your toddlers?

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  1. Katherine G says:

    When my daughter was younger I used to do braided ponytails and sometimes even box braids. They seem to last awhile and was very low maintenance. If you do box braids small enough sometimes they can last for weeks.

  2. SummersGroovyMom says:

    I have never tried the box braids since her hair has just began to really grow. I am definitely going to try them, thanks for the tip.

  3. Louida says:

    I usually put both of my daughter’s hair in several different ponytails and it last for almost a week. They get their hair braided during the summer months. I’m going to pin this, thanks!

    • SummersGroovyMom says:

      Louida, Thank you for the comment as well as the pin. I tried the multiple ponytail style on my daughter tonight and love the look. I also enjoyed several topics on your Product Review Mom blog. I will definitely follow and share.

  4. Yetunde says:

    I typically alternate cornrow styles with twists and puffs. for my twins. Pinterest and ChocolateHairVanillaCare are good sources of style inspiration for us as well.

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