What No One Tells You About Being A Working Mom

What No One Tells You About Being a Working Mom | 2GroovyMoms.comWow! Who could have imagined the struggles of motherhood without experiencing it firsthand?  Not me.  I always knew that if I became a mother in today’s economy, I’d have to work.  I have seen moms work full-time jobs outside the home and make it look easy, so I never thought to ask anyone how difficult it was.  Here are the things no one told me about being a working mom.


1. No one told me I would feel guilty when I drop my daughter off every morning and she clings to my legs saying, “I want you Mommy.”

2. No one told me that fast food or unhealthy instant meals would be my new frenemy.

3. No one told me my feet would hurt constantly because I would never sit down again.

4. No one told me I would go to bed tired and wake up tired!

5. No one told me that 15-minute power naps would become a mandatory part of my lunch break, just to make it through the second half of the day.


6. No one told me my employer couldn’t care less about my child getting sick.

7. No one told me I would feel guilty about working all day, causing my daughter to be raised by strangers at a daycare.

8. No one told me I would try to overcompensate on the weekends with parks, play dates, sports, lessons, bounce houses, crafts, and anything else that would make me look like a “good” mom.

9. No one told me I’d carry luggage under my eyes.

10. No one told me this would interfere with the workout schedule I had the past 12 years prior to becoming a working mom.

11. No one told me that I would spend all day at work thinking about my daughter and what we could be doing if we were at home.

12. No one told me I wouldn’t be able to work long hours and still come home with that Claire Huxtable awesomesauce.

No one told me any of those things and I had to learn them on my own.

What people did tell me was to enjoy my child now because kids grow up so fast and I wouldn’t remember these moments. (so true) 

They told me that what you put into your child is what you will get out of her.  (also true)

They told me that being a mother was the best job any woman could ever have. (truest statement ever)

Honestly, I was terrified out of my mind to be someone’s mother some day.  I mean, no one wants to be that parent whose child grows up to resent them for some reason or another, especially because they did not spend enough quality time together.  But I’ve learned that even though I am a working mom, I can still invest significant time and energy to grow my daughter into a respectable, loving, intelligent, and hard working young woman.   Although being a working mother can be hard and tiring, I would not trade it for the world.


    • SummersGroovyMom says:

      I can imagine working at home does have it own set of challenges as well as perks. Thank you for your comment.

  1. Elayna Fernandez-Bare says:

    I work from home doing what I love (no, it’s not an MLM lol) because I felt that guilt you speak of and it crushed me. I am so happy you are embracing your choices. You know we don’t ever HAVE TO do anything, everything is a choice and, at times, moms need to work in order to make ends meet. And our children appreciate it. It is true that the more time you spend with your kids, the closer you will be, but some people SPEND all day with them and don’t INVEST a single minute. I love your post!

  2. Lexie Lane says:

    These are all very true! It’s hard when you spend so much time away from my son. I’m glad I get to stay home, but even then sometimes I feel like I’m away from him because I work from home.

  3. Ida Mae aka "That Fun Reading Teacher" says:

    Hello Summer’s Groovy Mom. Ironically, my thirteen-year-old daughter and I have been watching The Cosby Show reruns together lately, and having not seen them in a decade or two, your awesome-sauce comment made me chuckle. Last week the amount of time both Huxtable parents seemed to have to just enjoy life really struck me. I agree with you on all points, and love that you are open to listening to others. I am too. Where would we be if we didn’t have each other to help us prioritize once in a while? Great post.

  4. Roshni says:

    I stopped feeling guilty about daycare after seeing how well my kids thrived there! The trick is to pick the right one! And, definitely to pick an employer who cares!

  5. Lauren says:

    This hits so close to home!

    “6. No one told me my employer couldn’t care less about my child getting sick.” Um yeah, I’m still trying to make peace with this.


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